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Calling All Science and Social Studies Teachers!

Denise Tuck Posted by Denise Tuck in Community Hub on Sep 8, 2013 9:05:03 AM

Discover what the Common Core group offers you this month.


The month of September is dedicated to helping Science and Social Studies teachers link their curriculum goals and classroom activities to the Common Core Standards. This month’s theme is Exploring Our World and Beyond. Check out our collection of standards-aligned lessons, interactives, and related resources from Thinkfinity’s Content Partners to help your students:

  • Explore global connections and interdependence (NCS-SS: Theme 9)
  • Explain the relationships or interactions between two or more individuals, events, ideas, or concepts (CCSS: Reading)
  • Consider Earth’s place in the universe (NGSS: Disciplinary Core Ideas)


Do you know what geography and literacy have in common? National Geographic Education's Christina Riska shares some common goals and expectations in her blog The Geography Literacy Connection that describes these connections and suggests teachers consider a broader definition of text.


Watch the video Common Core in the STEM Classroom as Bob Hirshon explains that "informational" reading materials don't have to be boring.


Visit the Common Core group and be sure you are set to receive email notifications as new blogs and discussions are added throughout the month on these topics:

  • Teaching Science and the Common Core
  • Using Award-winning Science Books to Address the Common Core
  • STEM Resources that Address the Common Core


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