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Have You Heard About AstronautAbby?

mwedwards Posted by mwedwards in Community Hub on Apr 11, 2013 9:35:32 AM

I happened to come across an interesting twitter account the other day in my preparation for my launch adventure ... @AstronautAbby


AstronautAbby has a dream and is working towards it ....


Here are some places you can learn more about her and journey:


She recently shared about her experience in a google hangout with some 5th grade students: Promoting STEM in Schools: My Very First Classroom Chat - Astronaut Abby

One of my favorite lines from that post was ...

astroabby quote.jpg

Since she mentioned her willingness to do STEM WebChats and even provided a link to the sign-up form, I contacted her and will be chatting with her in 2 weeks!


So if you and/or your children/students have questions that you would like for me to ask AstronautAbby about her dream, her journey, her projects, or anything, then just leave a comment and let me know!


I want our questions to be better than the reporters too!


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