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How Do We Keep Focused and Organized?

cgiddens Posted by cgiddens in Community Hub on Jul 20, 2012 3:17:24 PM


Many of you have probably seen the TV ad from a wireless provider with the young family searching in the woods. They turn around and see a flash of light and a space ship hovering. Then they are encircled by all the tech devices that they may use each day. How do we keep up with all of that syncing and find the resources and content we have seen on our smartphone, laptop, tablet, kindle, iPod Touch…?


I was very pleased many years ago to discover “back flip," one of the first virtual bookmarking tools. Backflip was quickly replaced by my Delicious account, and now I am collecting even more content using my Thinkfinity Community Bookmark feature.


What are some ways that you keep track of all the content you want to retrieve whenever, wherever?


Are you building into your instruction effective search and save techniques? What tools and methods do your students use?


Even if we have a solid gather and organize method in place, how do we keep from overwhelming our students with information overload in the research process? I have found that taking the time to develop a targeted focus question helps students stay on track. For example, instead of asking students to explore all the events leading up to the start of WWII, I ask individual groups to investigate one of the events linked to the cause of the war and then present their group findings to the whole class.


How do you develop project focused questions? Do your students play a part in developing these questions to be answered by their research?



Catherine Giddens grew up in NC and came to Charleston, SC, to attend the College of Charleston and has never left. She has worked for the SC Department of Education for 12 years. She enjoys working with instructional tech coaches across the state.


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