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  • ashleiwrinkles
    ashleiwrinkles on April 16, 2014
    "This site can be used by educators, students, and parents.  It is full of books that you may even be able to preview, activities that you could do at school or at home, and it offers lesson plan ideas and other teacher resources.  As an educator you could use this site for many purposes.  If you are unsure of the grade level of a particular book you can look that up on this site.  You can also find great lesson ideas and activities.  This site is useful in the world of education because if you can find a particular book to go with a theme or unit, you can search their data base to find one that fits.  It can tell you what grade/interest level the book is used for and even provide ideas for lesson."
  • caragreer
    caragreer on April 16, 2014
    "1. The scholastic site serves several purposes from lesson plans to books for students and teachers. 2. I would use this site as a researching source to use as I read and introduce new books. I would research and find out about the books and also see what activities and lesson plan ideas are available for that book.3. This site matters because it can help so many teachers and students. Students who may not enjoy reading may wish to read and find out about books that they are interested in  as well as help teachers who may just be beginning to make lesson plans and may need more creative lessons to present to their students."
  • tiffanychen
    tiffanychen on April 01, 2014
    "1. Helps provide resources to teachers and students 2. I can use this site to find idea for lesson plans, and books
    3. The website matters because it provides information for teacher to help their students as well as help students with reading and learning"
  • kelseylgage
    kelseylgage on December 05, 2012
    "1.  There are several purpose for this website.  This website can be used for educators or even parents and students.  This site if full of wonderful books and activities.   2.  As an educator, you can use this website to find and buy books, find lesson plan ideas, and other teacher resources. 
    3.  This website matters in the educational world because it helps teachers improve their lesson plans and in-classroom libraries.  "
  • on September 12, 2012
    "The Scholastic website has access to great books and free lesson plans! A really useful site."
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