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The Education Alliance: Teaching Diverse Learners -- Sheltered English Instruction Strategies
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  • volsfan189
    volsfan189 on November 28, 2013
    "This web site is a resource dedicated to enhancing the capacity of teachers to work effectively and equitably with English language learners (ELLs). This Web site provides access to information -- publications, educational materials, and the work of experts in the field -- that promotes high achievement for ELLs."
  • deborah.dail
    deborah.dail on November 24, 2013
    "This website is helpful in instructing multiple students of diverse needs. The website will assist in providing sheltered instruction for English Language Learners. The website will assist teachers in providing studetns with the instruction that best meets their individual needs to help them achieve academic success."
  • hrodgers92
    hrodgers92 on September 08, 2013
    "sheltered instruction"


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