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  • danielle.earley
    danielle.earley on April 20, 2014
    "1.  The purpose of this site it to provide educators, after school teachers, parents, and other with material for reading and literacy to enhance learning growth and understanding.  The material provided is free for those that use material from this site. 2.  As an educator I can use this site for student interaction, lesson plans, building my knowledge and understanding through teacher resources and meets/events, and exploring the many videos that are available through the website.

    3.  The information on this website matters to the world of education because we use reading and literacy everyday.  The material provided on this website is a way for teachers and other educators to expand their lessons material being taught and find different ways of teaching material to their students.  It also matters because it provides parents with material for helping their students at home and connect with them through their academic learning.  "
  • caragreer
    caragreer on April 16, 2014
    "1. The purpose of this site is to supply teachers, students, and parents with information about how read write and think more explicitly. This site offers lesson plans and activities for students to interact with and after school practice and information for parents to help with their kids. 2. As an educator I believe I could use this site as a lesson plan source as well as a website to help my students get more involved using interactive activities.3. This site is important to our world because it could serve as a resource for parents and teachers to help educate and empower our students and future students with ideas and lessons that have proved to be successful and fun for students to learn in school. Parents can also have a hand in helping their children stay involved by looking into the after school activities."
  • sonhas
    sonhas on May 22, 2011
  • kmckechnie
    kmckechnie on April 10, 2011
    "Huge file but tons of lessons.  Really liked the recipe writing activity based on fairy tales."
  • sleone
    sleone on November 06, 2010
    "Wonderful English Language Arts interactive activities"
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