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  • smy1991
    smy1991 on May 02, 2013
    "1) This website is a free translation site.  It will translate any word, sentance, or webpage into a variety of languages as needed.  2) When ESL students are brand new to English this website will be very beneficial.  The student can learn the same material in thier own language and begin to learn English at the same time as well.  3) It is important for ESL students to have the same learning oppertunity and this website will allow that to happen."
  • katieblevins
    katieblevins on January 30, 2013
    "This is the online translator I found."
  • akurtz
    akurtz on January 29, 2013
    "A great online translator tool that will speak the translation back.  It will be very useful when communicating with ELL apprentices and their parents.  I will be able to use it in written and spoken communication."


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